Educating Coaches to be Masterful Professional Coaches Making a Difference in People's Lives

As an expert trainer who creates and delivers experiential training, I offer coach training in:

  • Foundational coaching skills
  • Advanced coaching skills
  • Coaching Ethics & Standard
  • Coaching Core Competencies
  • Executive and Leadership coaching

With over two decades in coaching education plus extensive work in ethics and business, I put my knowledge to work, educating coaches at numerous coach training organizations and universities worldwide.

In my work educating coaches, I take great pride in the training I provide in an unregulated industry. My focus is on equipping coaches with the powerful skills they need to supports people to create the lives and careers they want and make huge differences in our world for the better.

Key Benefits

Advantages your coaching organization can expect from my training includes:


  • Education of coaches with humor and lightness
  • Consistent student support
  • Well versed in Coaching Core Competencies, Career, Business, Leadership & Executive Development Coaching
  • Extensive Expertise in Coaching Ethics
  • Dedication to organizations I train in – prepared and always there on time every time.
  • The skillset needed to create effective coaches
  • Shared educational resources and information
  • ICF Credentialing Assessor providing feedback on student coaching

Tina was my instructor in an advanced coaching course at Institute for Life Coach Training. She is thorough, prepared, and one of the best instructors I had in all my coach training. She has a unique ability to facilitate a learning environment where students can be vulnerable, receive coaching themselves, and emerge with more insight to what advanced coaching skills are all about.

I now encourage my clients to go deeper and wrestle through to a higher level of achievement because I am no longer afraid to ask the harder questions.

My immediate take aways from Tina’s teaching and coaching is I now have more confidence and polished coaching skills. I’m also a better leader in my company as I hold my staff accountable and push them to grow at a whole new level now – they have responded positively and we are all impacted as a result!

~ Nina Roesner
Executive Director
Loveland, Ohio, Clermont County.

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