Transforming Leaders & Accelerating the Success of Organizations Worldwide

I support leadership initiatives at a variety of organizations throughout the world, training leaders and executive teams and empowering HR departments.

I offer expert support and education in developing and utilizing a “Coach Approach to Leadership.” This approach is acknowledged as one of the most effective ways to lead in today’s fast paced ever changing environments.

Transforming leadership through a Coach Approach not only empowers employees to take responsibility for their work, it creates extraordinary momentum and supports leaders in moving forward in their careers with confidence.

Leadership Team Training

Training in organizations includes training leaders and HR departments, executive teams. In Leadership Team training I utilize the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team a powerful process to create highly productive and successful teams.

I had the pleasure of being coached by Tina as part of a leadership development program at Prime Revenue.

I went into the process a bit skeptical on several fronts: was I going to achieve meaningful results, would this be high-level coaching only or practical working sessions on real issues, was it going to be rigid or fluid, was I even going to like or get along with my coach?

However, I have to say that Tina and I hit it off right away. She has a great personality and was easy to open up to and trust. You need to be able to trust your coach on many levels and that is not an issue with Tina. She didn’t waste time, she got right to the matter at hand. She challenged me on my current thinking and there was no sugar coating my issues – I was being coached.

We reviewed and role-played real situations and worked through different strategies on how to address them. We would pivot as needed to address new situations. She provided materials to read to re-enforce what we were discussing. I realized everyone needs to be coached no matter what your title, tenure at a company, age or profession.

I really enjoyed and looked forward to our meetings. It was fun and enlightening. I feel lucky I was able to go through this process. And I feel even luckier that I got to go through it all with Tina.

Dan Juliano

Senior Vice President, Business Development/Alliances Prime Revenue , Atlanta, Georgia

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