Transforming Your Leadership Skills to Accelerate Your Career

If you’re a professional business woman, business owner, or executive, your career and the performance of your team depends on your ability to lead.

Yet the skills that are required to be an effective leader aren’t the ones you are taught in school, leaving you to wonder if you’ve got it right while struggling through the day-to-day tasks of leading.

As a woman, being a leader can present even more challenges, with issues of different communication styles, authority, respect and setting appropriate boundaries that can delay your success and results.

As a whole, women tend to face more stereotypes in the business world that can make leadership even more difficult. Women struggle to stand out in male dominated fields and get stuck in what feels like a boys’ club. They keep working harder instead of smarter and some have hit the infamous glass ceiling.

That’s where I can give you a huge advantage.

Whether you’re a new or seasoned leader, who is ready to develop the skill necessary to become more effective in your role, I’m here to partner with you in learning to lead with confidence and ease.

With one-on-one coaching, you can reach new levels as a leader, optimizing the performance and effectiveness of you and your team, while managing your unique priorities to achieve a balanced life.

Leadership coaching supports you in developing the skills you need to manage and lead confidently, achieve the performance and business success you and your organization are looking for, and accomplish your goals fearlessly.

I partner with you to supports you through every step, utilizing powerful coaching skills and leadership education, as well as a 360° Assessment to target areas for leadership growth and development.

The assessment and coaching process provides the following:

  1. Clarify your leadership vision and define the associated goals for you to succeed.
  2. Identify the gap between where you are now versus where you want to go.
  3. Design a coaching plan to prioritize your goals that address the gap.
  4. Strategize your actions, as well as create awareness to remove any obstacles or blocks that could be holding you back.
  5. Achieve your desired results.

Key Benefits

Professional coaching with me supports you in your leadership growth by:


  • Honing your leadership skills to empower your team
  • Learning to listen like a coach to communicate more effectively
  • Strengthening your relationships inside and outside of the office
  • Garnering appreciation and respect in the workplace
  • Charting your career path to accelerate your success
  • Improving your work/life balance to eliminate overwhelm

Initially, I had the goal that the coaching would help me keep on track in planning steps for a major project: to move the City’s Aging in Place strategic initiative forward. The coaching helped me to brainstorm various steps and be careful of my choices in setting out a broad collaboration without slowing the progress. Little did I know at the time what would come to light working with Tina.

Tina helped me identify that I was having emotional reactions that were misplaced. We talked through those emotions that would have blocked progress on my work. With her encouragement, I had a unique, safe way in which to process emotional reactions, keep those out of my daily interpersonal communications and have cleaner workplace dynamics. This prevented me from making mistakes, or when I did, to correct those errors promptly.

I pour myself into the work – and I found that work fulfilling. But that decision caused an impact on myself and my family. I knew that I could not perceive the degree of stress outside of my usual habits. Stress was there: With the coaching, I now see this with a different lens. I was not having time for my other interests, connecting to the arts and for relaxing. I realized it was time to retire.

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The coaching meetings with Tina created a safe space to think this huge career change through, which gave me confidence in my decision to roll out the closure as well as support the Aging in Place initiative. I used our coaching calls to stay forward-looking and excited. We developed the motto “let go, celebrate, sail forward.” It worked!

So many improvements in my leadership approach occurred, including: strategic planning, collaboration, more effective communication, I became more organized, efficient and with more life balance and my wellness improved.

On a scale of 1- 10, I’d give Tina a 20! I was constantly amazed to have Tina’s validation about coping in the workplace, her knowledge of toxic environments and could laugh about it, but also, bring a wider perspective to how workplaces can be.

Tina keeps the highest standard of confidentiality. Our conversations were safe and constructive and she brought a great deal of perspective due to her vast experience working in organizations.

~ Elizabeth Savage
Director of Human Services at a local municipality
Los Angeles County, California

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