Ethics in Professional Coaching Workshop

Boost Your Ethics IQ and Stay Out of Ethical Hot Water

CCE ICF Continuing Coach EducationAs a professional coach, understanding the ethical pitfalls you may face and how to navigate them in order to protect yourself, your business and your clients is more important than ever before.

With the personal nature of coaching, there are far too many gray areas that can trip you up. And even your lack of clarity on your own rationalization, blind spots and personal filters that could cause a problem, leading to a client complaint.

That’s why this 6-week workshop is a must-attend for any professional coach in order to:

  • Gain clarity on your personal approach to ethical decision making and its impact
  • Reveal your blind spots, so that you can take immediate action
  • Achieve a better understanding of the changes to the ICF’s ethics code and how they affect you
  • Improve your ethical awareness by working through real-life ethical coaching dilemmas
  • Learn how to spot ethical gray areas clearly, so that you can course correct before they become breaches of code

Additionally, you’ll leave with:

  • An Ethical Decision-Making Model you can utilize in all your business decisions
  • An in-depth knowledge of The Ethical Review (Complaint) Process and 20 tips to stay out of it
  • The most important points to include in your coaching agreement to protect yourself
  • A one-of-a-kind Sample Coaching Agreement covering all the ethical bases known to date
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Meet Your Instructor:

Ethics Expert and Trainer Tina Elliot, MBA, PCC, BCC, has served as a longtime member of both the ICF Global Ethics and Standards Committee and The ICF Independent Review Board. She is one of only a few individuals who has over 20 years of real experience inside the ICF’s Ethics Independent Review Board and she is willing to share it with you! Additionally, Tine has operated her own highly successful professional coaching business for over 20 years, serving clients and organizations across the country.

Tina Elliot

The Details

Your 6-week course includes: 1.0 to 1.5 hours of weekly course instruction via teleclass/webinar and 1-hour weekly meeting with peers to dive deeply into coaching ethical dilemmas you’re most likely to face and what you can do to keep your client relationships and your business on a highly ethical path. Total commitment: 8 class hours & 5 Peer hours for a total of 13 hours over 6 weeks.

6 Week course topics will include
  • What highly ethical operation looks like
  • Gaining clarity on your ethical blind spots and how to be more aware
  • What are ethical gray areas and how awareness can keep you from breaching black and white code
  • How your rationalizations and personal filters may be leading you astray
  • An overview of the ICF’s & BCC Ethics and Standards Code and what they really mean
  • Examining the Ethical Decision-Making Process
  • Applying the ICF & BCC code to many juicy Coaching Ethical Dilemma’s
  • Learning how to “Course Correct” if involved in an Ethical Dilemma
  • Understand the Ethical Conduct
  • Review Processes and how to get through it with grace and ease
  • Applying the ICF & BCC code through Coaching Case Dilemma’s
    Insider tips on how to stay out of the ethical complaint process
Want Continuing Coach Education Hours?

ICF Credentialed Coaches can receive 8 hours of Core Competency plus 5 hours of self-study from peer group meetings for a total of 13 continuing education hours.

Board Certified Coaches will receive 8 Ethics specific clock hours, which meets the 3-hour ethics requirement for BCC recertification, plus 5 Contact Hours (for 5 peer groups) for a total of 13 continuing education hours.

Note to Coach Trainer/Mentor Coaches:

Any class content or documentation you are interested in teaching or using with students or mentees will need to be approved by Tina Elliot. Please discuss with her prior to registration. All course materials are copyright protected.

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“Tina Elliot really has taken my awareness of coaching ethics to a whole new level. Like most coaches, I thought I was very ethical and in many ways, I was. But in this course Tina helped me think more deeply about Ethics and become more profoundly aware of how I might not be serving my clients as well as I thought and how I might be leaving myself wide open for ethical hot water. Who knew? As a result, I feel so much better prepared for anything. I also feel that I’m serving my clients with a higher degree of ethical care. This course should be a “must take” for every professional coach.”

~ Bobbie Burdett, PCC, BCC
Director of Training, HealthWorld Online

As a participant in this course I realized ethical decision making is not a linear process, but rather involves a “renewing of the mind” approach. What I understand and value is that ethics is a philosophy of living well in. Perhaps the most significant learning outcome I gained is utilizing a framework that will guide me toward decisions with a clear conscious and sense of peace.

Overall, this class reminded me of the importance of pursuing excellence and continual learning as a professional life coach. I appreciated the entire package that was offered in this class. Tina was always prepared and well-organized; materials were sent to participants several days before meeting for the teleconference sessions. The class format was consistent and the group was focused. In addition, Tina has a calm way of explaining sensitive issues, as well as clearly differentiating ethical guidelines and laws; she emphasized the importance of increasing our ethical awareness and how to efficiently utilize the ICF/BCC codes.

In my opinion, this course should be a requirement for all coach training programs because the fundamental principles are intended to safeguard and empower professional coaches before conflicts arise with clients.

~ Devorah F Curtis, PhD, BCC
Integrative Life Coach

I was drawn to this course as it was specific to ethics in coaching. Not only did I receive ethical information and tools but left with a sisterhood of fellow professional coaches to draw resources from worldwide. This course was on topic, on target, intelligent, insightful and it to the point. A good balance of education, communication and member input. It’s a great example of group interaction and should be a fundamental prerequisite to anything you do with a client. It’s an instruction book for success as a coach.

Tina Elliot creates a safe environment, she was free in sharing her experiences for education and heightened ethical awareness. I’m so excited about knowing the ethics codes and loved the real time study. I really enjoyed the entire process and highly recommend this program to all professional coaches.

~ Deborah-Marie Forrester, CWIC, RP, RYT, LHHP
Darla-Prana Healing and Wellness Centre
Founder, Managing Director

“I liked what heard about this course and after academic interactions with Tina Elliot, I knew this was the course that would support me with coaching and living in Dubai. I’m a visual learner so the professional webinar and handouts before the each class help me synthesize the wealth of information from this course. Working on the case studies really helped me understand the nuances of ethics.

My coaching agreement has been amended by more than 50% and my ethical radar is now constantly spinning with higher awareness. The content was completely coach relevant and my confidence in operating ethically has soared. This is quality learning from a quality instructor who is well versed in coaching ethics and she makes it fun and engaging. I highly recommend this course to any coach who wants to take their ethical knowledge and competence to a higher level.”

~ Lisa Face ACC, MSc (Ed Man), BSc (Hons)
Career Transition and Leadership Coach
ACC Mentor Coach
Consultant and Facilitator
Facecoach International Ltd

I love working with people who know what they’re talking about and when it comes to ethics, Tina Elliot is an expert.

Tina made the course very informative with great handouts, sharing her knowledge and expertise with all of us in such a way as to prepare us to think, plan, and act in accordance with our own integrity as well as the professional conduct of the coaching profession and what was best for our clients. I highly recommend her ‘Ethics in Professional Coaching’ course.

~ Judy Irving, MCC
Executive Coach

“In all honesty I took this ethics class because I needed to for credentialing purposes. Just knowing it was about Ethics made me think it would be a dry and boring class but that was far from the truth! This was one of the best classes I have taken! It was very interactive, informative, upbeat and most importantly, it was current! Tina discussed real life situations and helped us determine the differences between ICF and CCE regulations. I highly recommend EVERY coach take this class.”

~ Brian Williams
Coach, Author, ILCT Faculty Member
Foothill Ranch, California

Because Now Is the Time to Protect Yourself and Your Coaching Business


Next Workshop Dates & Time:

Wednesdays: March 13, 20, 27, April 3, 10 & 17, 2024. 4:00 PM ET – 5:30 PM ET


Only $430

Includes your Ethical Decision-Making Model PLUS a one-of-a-kind Sample Coaching Agreement covering all the ethical bases known to date.

Yes! I’m ready to discover how
to stay out of ethical hot water!

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