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SYNERGY Wellness Coaching
for Professional Women

Health issues can be insidious. Minor aches and weight concerns are messages from your body. Whether you have a medical diagnosis or just wonder where your energy went, it’s time to focus on your health.

But what if traditional methods fall short of your needs?

What if:

Maintaining treatments is difficult?

You heal better with personal attention?

You are committed to lasting change?


Wellness programs often approach health collectively. But we are all different; and that applies to health and healing.

What My Clients Are Saying


“When I started working with Tina, I was frustrated with my career and unhappy with many of my relationships. I was bereft of energy and enthusiasm, suffering from low self-esteem and a lack of direction in my life.

“Tina helped me discover how to revitalize my energy and reestablish a new zest for life. She always gave me her undivided attention and through probing, thoughtful questions – the kind that open genuine discussion -- she helped me discover what it is that touches my heart and what I really longed for. In an honest and caring way with a high level of enthusiasm and intuition, she perceived what direction would yield the most benefit for my growth and helped me to discover those new pathways for living a healthy, balanced and successful life.

“Tina shared freely with me her many valuable resources so that I could discover what was truly important to me in all facets of my life, but particularly my career. She held me accountable to my commitments, provided encouragement and insightful feedback. Because of Tina, I am a better business woman, with confidence and faith in myself, embarking on a new career with a profitable international corporation.

“My work with Tina has left me with a sense of well-being and direction in my life that I never before experienced. I am not afraid to let the real person I am shine through in every action I take and word I speak. Tina is an exceptional life coach, a truly empathic, intuitive soul who will guide you as you uncover the truths in your life.”

Alice H.
Marketing Communications
3M Unitek, Monrovia, CA


Personal support, structure, and accountability combined
with professional medical attention could be the solution.

Synergy Wellness Coaching for Professional Women emphasizes your role in improved health. We work together, one-on-one, to create a collaborative dynamic for optimal healing. You’ll manage your health, get to know your body better, and use your thoughts and feelings to heal on purpose.

Here are some reported results you may achieve:

Take charge of your total wellbeing

Understand how your body works

Identify how your body is unique

Improve your health and wellness

Minimize symptoms of chronic illness

Set up a pain-free healthy lifestyle program

Learn to trust and believe in yourself

What My Clients Are Saying


"I have started coaching with Tina Elliot and I am amazed at the difference it has made in my life already. In answering her powerful questions, I have learned a great deal about myself. Tina has coached me in personal growth with empathy and compassion. She is a great listener and challenges all negativity to keep you on a positive path. I have made numerous changes in my health, work and personal life. Tina is very insightful, she helps you to stay focused, creates a safe and fun environment and is obviously a natural Coach."

EG, Business Manager
San Gabriel, California


How does Synergy Wellness Coaching for Professional Women work?
We’ll begin with a comprehensive assessment to identify your specific needs. Then I’ll develop and present you with powerful questions to identify areas of deeper growth.

Many health problems emerge from other issues. That’s why Synergy Wellness Coaching for Professional Women takes a whole person integrative approach.

Most of my Wellness Coaching clients struggle with physical symptoms that stem from disease, lifestyle or both. By asking powerful questions we determine what blocks them, what needs to change, and what actions to take. I sincerely believe that when it comes to your body, and mind you are your own best expert on what it truly needs. My clients acquire new awareness and confidence that propels them towards their ultimate wellness goals.

The Process

We will typically meet over the phone for approximately 40 minutes per week and have ongoing contact via e-mail and additional telephone support as needed.

During the call I’ll use powerful questions to create new awareness, support, empathize and make direct requests. I will challenge you to new heights and develop strategies with your personal interests in mind. I am an ally in your success and work with you to find your truth.


What My Clients Are Saying


“I met Tina through the WomanSage Transition Program. I never really knew what a Life Coach did so I wasn’t sure what to expect from our meetings. But after the first week of working with Tina, I realized the importance of working with a Personal Coach.

“I lost my job of 10 years when our company was sold to another company and moved out of state. I was devastated but I thought it would be easy finding a new job. But it wasn’t that easy and after a year of interviews and not finding a job I was pretty battered. I began to doubt myself and my abilities.

“So when I met Tina I was pretty depressed. She helped me to believe in myself again. To remember the person I was before I lost my job. To believe in my talents and my abilities.

“She taught me how putting out positive energy brings positive change in my life. Just talking to her and her helping me to be honest with myself changed my life. I have taken action with my health, wellness, relationships and work. I don’t procrastinate anymore. I face my situations head on. Tina has taught me I don’t have to be a victim and how to fight that victim mentality.

“I feel I’m a better person now and have the tools to face whatever situation may come my way without derailing my whole life.

“And the biggest plus was she is so upbeat, easy to talk to, encouraging and funny. Her upbeat nature is so contagious you can’t help walking away feeling great about yourself! Tina is a jewel!!”

Eve Mallett
Graphic Designer
Fullerton, CA


In addition to my coaching credentials, I am certified in the following wellness processes:

Wellness Inventory Assessment
I am a certified Wellness Inventory Coach trained in administering, interpreting and coaching clients in the methodologies of John Travis, MD.

The Ultimate Weight Solution
I am a certified Senior Life Strategist in the methodologies of Dr. Frank Lawlis, PhD. and Dr. Phil McGraw.

I also draw on the following methodologies in my wellness coaching:

  • Wellness Coaching for Lasting Change by Michael Arloski
  • The Beck Diet Solution by Judith S. Beck, PhD.
  • Six Stages of Change by James Prochaska

Health, wellness and lifestyle change has been my personal passion for over 20 years. Living through a personal health challenge in my young life, I became an early advocate of integrative medicine and healthy living as the key to longevity and a happy and healthy life.

If Synergy Wellness Coaching for Professional Women is right for you, contact me to schedule your complimentary coaching appointment. Or, return to the Services Page to discover the right Synergy Coaching program for you.



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Find out more about my approach to wellness coaching for professional women as discussed on KUCI radio’s Coaching Conversations with Patricia Hirsch.

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