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Synergy Coaching For Professional Women

How do you know you’re doing your best for yourself and others?
It’s the classic challenge for professional women: You’re driven to do your best, but you’re trapped tending to other people’s emergencies. You simply have no time for yourself.

The truth is, you won’t do your best for others if you don’t care for yourself…first. If you wonder where your passion and snap is, take a careful look at your habits. Are you recharging yourself by making healthy choices, or are you charging ahead without taking time for yourself?


To see if you’re ignoring yourself, watch for these common warnings:



Surviving day-to-day



Missed obligations

No support

Health issues

Focused on others, not yourself

What My Clients Are Saying


“Tina was such an amazing coach. She helped me to recognize my successes, which gave me the confidence to move onto bigger things. I also appreciated how she held me accountable to having tough conversations with people in my life. There were many talks that I have had, where in the past I would have shied away from them. I really felt like Tina saw my big picture and constantly pushed me, every so slightly, out of my comfort zone.”

Kristen Manieri
Author and Freelance Writer
Orlando, FL

Now, fill yourself up before you give to others. To do your best for others, first do your best for yourself. When you do others the favor of replenishing your body, mind and spirit you make a true contribution to those you choose to serve.

Imagine if your daily focus included:

Inspiring joyful moments

Stimulating passion and energy

Calming and clarifying your mind

Generating grounded power and confidence

Nurturing collaborative relationships

Making healthy choices for lasting wellness

Savoring new found personal time

What My Clients Are Saying


“I hired a Life Coach because I was stuck in my life. I sold my business and career of 20 years, 3 years earlier. My intention was to take a year or so off to reinvent myself, as I was too young to retire. I was just tired of what I was doing and wanted more. While trying to re-invent myself, I got a divorce and my father died. These things contributed to keeping me stuck. I became depressed and then panicky that if I didn’t get to work soon, I’d run out of money.

“What I was hoping to achieve was to work with someone to help me untangle what I wanted to do with the rest of my career and life and how to go about it. It all seemed overwhelming to me. What did I want to do, what was I capable of, what would bring me the most reward spiritually and would bring me the amount of money I needed?

“I found Tina Elliot. The coaching experience was like nothing I had ever experienced before. It was thought provoking and cathartic. It was actually fun. I found Tina to be intelligent, knowledgeable, caring and she had a great sense of humor. She was fair and tough. The end result was that I secured a job with my local city. This was a position that I found fun and rewarding. I needed full time work and benefits though. I knew I would have to pay my dues, as I was new to this field. I took a couple of courses while working and within 2 years of my coaching experience I had my boss’s job! Full time, great benefits and 2 minutes from my house. I LOVE getting up for work everyday. All thanks to Tina Elliot.”

L M, Diamond Bar, CA

Here’s what you can expect from Synergy Coaching for Professional Women. Instead of surviving each day, start thriving. Take charge and embrace each moment on your terms. You can create the lifestyle and career you yearn for. Synergy Coaching for Professional Women helps you feel better about yourself and re-engages you in life. You’ll learn easy, effective ways to create a fabulous support system—even if your current circle of family or friends is small or nonexistent.

  • Enjoy your life to the fullest
  • Renew your energy and zest for living
  • Gain control of your life and career
  • Start making healthier choices
  • Live a more life balance

And know in your heart that you are taking good care of yourself.

What My Clients Are Saying


“Right from the start we clicked. Tina set the expectations for our coaching experience upfront and held me to my obligations without overwhelming me. By the way, Tina always met her commitments to me which I greatly respected. From the start, simply from observing her modeling and encouragement I could see improvement in myself. I was learning and improving my own interpersonal life skill sets in leaps and bounds.

We were able to evaluate the skill sets I already had and co-create a plan (many little plans) for the ones I wanted to improve upon. Without a doubt the experience of working with Tina, as my coach, provided me a lifetime of new and improved skill sets that I use each and every day.

My coaching experience has been phenomenal. Coaching has improved the quality of my life in ways thousands of dollars in a doctors office never did because I needed to take action. And Tina helped me take that action. If you want to truly reach your potential, I highly recommend coaching with Tina Elliot.”

Susan R
Union Bank of California
Monterey Park, CA


How Synergy Coaching for
Professional Women works

I have designed a customized program specifically for professional women.

This exclusive and comprehensive strategy includes:

  • A ten-point process that explores all the vital areas of personal growth

  • A 12-dimension health and wellness assessment that identifies where you can grow the most to improve your life, health and wellbeing.

  • A work and career review to:

    • Uncover and improve essential skills
    • Boost your professional results
    • Command the respect you deserve at work

And most importantly, one-on-one coaching to tap into your true strengths and develop your deeper self, so you can live from your authentic core.

Our Process

We will typically meet over the phone for approximately 40 minutes per week and have ongoing contact via e-mail and additional telephone support as needed.

During the call I’ll use powerful questions to create new awareness, support, empathize and make direct requests. I will challenge you to new heights, develop and strategize with your personal interests in mind. I am an ally in your success and will work with you to find your truth.

If Synergy Coaching for Professional Women is right for you, contact me now to set up your complimentary meeting. Or, return to the Services Page to discover the right Synergy Coaching program for you.



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