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What’s the real cost for poor employee health?

Insurance fees rise when employees neglect their health, but employee wellness also affects company performance and overall success.

Here are some results of poor employee health:

Soaring insurance costs

High turn-over rates

Employees with low self-esteem

Ineffective management results

Insufficient motivation and productivity

What if employees cared for their health? Responsible wellness choices dramatically affect success. Here are a few of the numerous proven results of improved employee health:

Reduced health insurance costs

Increased employee confidence

Attracting and retaining top people

Higher employee performance

In fact, corporate wellness coaching improves energy levels, attitudes, motivation and performance: tangible results that increase company wellbeing.

What My Clients Are Saying

Preventing Burnout Presentation

“More than just temporary disaffection or fatigue, classic “burnout” can manifest itself in long-term, severe physical ailment and a profound inability to perform the simple tasks of daily life. In her recent workshop on “Preventing Burnout”, Tina Elliot offered helpful insights into causes and warning signs of impending burnout, what can be done to recover from burnout, and steps to take to prevent a catastrophic burnout experience. Tina knows the subject matter, is an engaging public speaker, and is able to facilitate a meeting so that those in attendance get (and stay) involved. I am happy to recommend Tina for public speaking engagements or for workshop presentations, especially for those who want to prevent burnout in themselves or in their employees. Tina is personable, expert and of high integrity.”

Richard Derby
Orange County, CA


Here’s what you can expect from Synergy Corporate Wellness Coaching. Effective, lasting change requires awareness and direction. To get and keep employees on a healthy path, Synergy Corporate Wellness Coaching provides participants with a comprehensive wellness assessment. This includes a personal wellness vision and a specific action plan for a healthy lifestyle.

After the initial assessment and action plan, one-on-one or group coaching delivers collaborative support and inspires employees to reach specific goals. Through personal coaching, each participant gains an objective view along with ongoing individual attention and accountability.

This program is thorough. All areas of wellness are covered, including:


Healthy Eating

Healthy Weight

Stress Management

Relationships/ Communication

Mental health

Physical health

Spiritual health

Since many daily choices affect health, the assessment also covers whole life areas that contribute to health.

How the Wellness Inventory Works

John W. Travis, MD, MPH—a catalyst for essential wellness beliefs—created the first measurement program for wellbeing. Synergy Corporate Wellness Coaching uses The Wellness Inventory Program. Based on John Travis’ assessment, The Wellness Survey is designed specifically to stimulate self-understanding and balance in employees’ lives.

Delivered online, The Wellness Inventory’s holistic approach measures physical, emotional and spiritual health for lasting improvement in wellbeing.

Our Process

Group tele-coaching is a cost effective and powerful process. Each group program is designed specifically for that group. The synergy of the coach with the group brings new awareness that allow you to take immediate action. Most group-coaching packages consist of three weekly, 1 hour group phone appointments per month. This includes a step-by-step program, resources and information. You’ll have access to assessments and programs. Some packages include one individual 30-minute session. Custom packages are available based on your needs.

Additional Employee Benefits:

Measurement of current wellness in 12 essential areas

Understanding and responsibility for personal health potential

Identify areas most motivated to change

Awareness and action steps for enhanced wellbeing

Coaching to develop and achieve wellness goals

Resources, classes and programs to assist in meeting goals

Optional e-mail reminders to encourage success

Additional Features:

Compliments other wellness programs and risk assessments

Access to assessments available with participants’ approval

Custom designs for specific departments, employee segments or EAP programs

If Synergy Corporate Wellness Coaching suits your needs, contact me for more information. Or, return to the Services Page to discover the right Synergy Coaching program for you.


Synergy Coaching Speaking, Seminars
and Workshops Services

If you are looking for a presenter who can quickly move your audience into personal action with fun and humor, you have found your speaker.

As the founder of Synergy Coaching Services, a successful life, career, and business coaching company. Tina Elliot’s speaking experience covers a variety of venues. She delivers keynotes, workshops and seminars to business and professional organizations, corporations, local civic and non-profit organizations. She presents to her own professional organization helping coaches improve their knowledge and understanding of ethics and standards in the coaching profession

Tina Elliot has presented on various topics from personal and professional development, work life balance, health and wellness, interpersonal and business communications to small business profitability. In corporate settings, Tina Elliot often speaks to leadership, performance, wellness and life management themes. Her vast experience working with employees, managers and executives allows her to speak on all levels and easily capture the audience attention. Using her coach approach, she shares powerful insights and techniques to deal with the most pressing issues of companies and organizations.

To inquire about having Tina Elliot speak at your event, or organization, or to request coaching, consulting or training, contact me for more information.

Choose a coaching service that suits your needs. Or, visit the About Page to find out more about Synergy Coaching.



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