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FAQ About Synergy Coaching
for Professional Women

On this page, find out who I work with, how I work, and why coaching can make a vital difference in your life.

I also work with companies to improve the overall health and wellbeing of all their employees. This improves employee effectiveness and decreases health premiums.

How can I succeed with Synergy Coaching?

There are three attitudes to help you succeed with Synergy Coaching for Professional Women:

AWARENESS: During coaching, you’ll learn about yourself and develop a deeper appreciation for your full potential.

OPENNESS: Change is needed to create the life you desire. You’ll open up to new ways of seeing the world and interacting with yourself and others.

COMMITMENT: Live in line with your values. You live with integrity when you commit to the coaching process and hold yourself accountable to your chosen desires.

What results can I expect?

You can expect personal strategies and solutions for your specific needs. You will live with a new awareness that increases your joy, happiness and overall satisfaction with life and career.

Here are some of the results my clients report from working with Synergy Coaching for Professional Women:

Meaningful time for self-care

Increased respect from others

Fulfilling relationships

Rewarding career experiences

Finer skills and superior results

Increased clarity and confidence

Life harmony and tranquility

Enhanced health and wellness

Extra energy, pleasure and joy

Living up to their greatest potential

What are you really trying to accomplish with Synergy Coaching?

My intent is to help professional women get the respect they deserve. I want you to live a long, happy, prosperous and exciting life on your terms. Through coaching, you will learn to live on purpose. By living on purpose, you will become an inspiration to others.

What My Clients Are Saying

Professional Woman

"I had worked in the electronics field for over 30 years. When I was laid-off, I could not find another position in the same industry. I never liked my jobs but I felt safe and I didn't know what I wanted to do in life. I contacted Tina Elliot when I was feeling hopeless. We began working together to uncover my strengths, values, and what I love to do. I told Tina there was nothing I love to do!

"I have now completed 2 certification programs and work in a field I absolutely love and feel fulfilled like I never have before in my life.

"Tina has helped me to realize there are options and choices and there is something I love to do. She has helped me build my self-esteem and to realize I have a lot to offer. With her weekly support and honest feedback I feel, for the first time in my life, I am fulfilled in a career of helping others. She is the first person that ever really listened to me. Tina helped me focus on what I wanted and she would not allow me to sabotage myself as I had always done in the past. Tina helps you believe in yourself, your abilities and supports you throughout the transition process.

"Thanks to Tina's great coaching, I finally have a career that I feel good about. I never knew how it felt to look forward to your work because you love what you are doing."

BD, Certified Nurses Assistant
Los Angeles, CA


What’s your objective for each meeting?

During each meeting, the goal is to uncover what matters most so you wrap your life around your personal values. This allows life to flow naturally toward your intended results.

I’ll encourage you to:

  • Stretch and create fresh awareness
  • Discover your true strengths
  • Learn new skills and act on your desires

What process do you follow during meetings?

I listen intently and ask powerful questions to discover your strengths, talents, loves, and passions. We then clarify your desires and design a realistic plan to fulfill your goals.

I’ll support you every step of the way. Keeping motivation high, I’ll hold you accountable to accomplish your goals. If you occasionally falter, I’ll continue to hold a positive place for your objectives until you take them up again.

What is coaching like?

As your coach, I’ll create a safe space to discuss anything you choose. We’ll align your life and career with your highest vision. You’ll talk, learn, grow and get real accountability to take action on your desires.

Expect to experience revelations during coaching. After all, you’ll learn about yourself: your needs, values and new ways to approach your challenges. Look forward to expanding your self-trust, confidence and belief in what’s possible.

What’s unique about Synergy Coaching for Professional Women?

Even though I coach professionals, our time is filled with humor. My clients and I have fun—we laugh a lot.

I also hold a positive space when my clients question their power. I support my clients to finally break through their limits and claim their true potential.

Another difference is my background. I hold an MBA and have thrived in corporate environments and as a small business owner for years. As a consultant, I worked with numerous companies, their employees and strategic initiatives. With this vast experience I can help women working in any environment and dealing with the most difficult of situations and learn they can have great careers and a balanced life.

As a professional working woman, I know the demands professional women must meet to succeed in business and in their personal lives. In fact, my intent is to teach you how to garner the power and respect you deserve as a woman professional.

Want more on coaching in general?

Visit the Services Page to find out how you can reclaim your personal power with Synergy Coaching for Professional Women, or contact me now to set up a complimentary meeting.




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