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On this page, find out about the various coaching services and choose the best service for you.

Synergy Coaching Services
Choose the type of coaching that’s best for you:

Synergy Coaching for Professional Women

Multitasking in overwhelm with minimal support leads to unhealthy choices and burnout. Yet that’s how we push ourselves every day. Instead of surviving, start thriving. Take charge and embrace life on your terms.

Synergy Coaching for Professional Women delivers effective tactics to meet the specific needs of busy professional women today.

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Synergy Corporate Wellness Coaching

Expand effectiveness, reduce insurance costs, and increase profits by improving employee health. Promoting awareness and accountability for healthy lifestyle behaviors improves employee energy levels, attitudes and ultimately performance.

Synergy Corporate Wellness Coaching inspires employees to understand and embrace their role in developing and maintaining healthy practices in all aspects of life.

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What My Clients Are Saying


“Tina's coaching experience and skills were evident from our first interview. She expertly guides and advises her clients on personal and professional development in a challenging yet realistic manner. She presents a professional and warm demeanor, listening to her clients’ goals and obstacles with great attention and offering very helpful insights. She supports her clients' decisions, ensuring that they have fully investigated options and strategic fit of each. I enjoyed our work together and would gladly hire her again. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.”

Dean R. Whitehead
Los Angeles, CA

Synergy Wellness Coaching for Professional Women

Many health problems are symptoms of other issues. Synergy Wellness Coaching for Professional Women takes a whole-person approach to wellness.

Focusing on all 12 dimensions of wellness as defined in the Wellness Inventory Program you’ll improve every aspect of your life including: work, relationships, spirit and health.

Take charge and live your life on purpose. Envision yourself fully alive, passionate and thriving. Imagine all that’s possible for you.

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What My Clients Are Saying

Difficult Conversation Presentation at Annual AAUW (American Association of University Women) California State Conference

“Have you ever had a difficult conversation with a friend, spouse or colleague? You should have been at this presentation! Tina Elliot gave great tips on what you can do to potentially turn a poor situation into a win-win for everyone. The conversation role playing was excellent. We left with practical skills for our next difficult conversation. Here are a few gems from the presentation: listen, stay focused on what they are saying, and acknowledge their feeling. This really works!”

Rozanne Child
Calif State Director AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund

Synergy Mentor Coaching for Professional Women Coaches

There are three vital areas you must master to grow a thriving coaching business:

  • Coaching excellence
  • Business and marketing proficiency
  • Ongoing personal development

Even after credentialing many coaches are stunned by how much they must still learn to feel competent and confident about their businesses.

Mentor Coaching for Professional Women Coaches delivers the essential skills, savvy and support you need to prepare for ICF credentialing, build a solid business, attract clients, and master coaching principals in your own life.

Learn more about Synergy Mentor Coaching for Professional Women Coaches.


What My Clients Are Saying

Achieve Your Goals Presentation to Garden Grove Police Officers Wives Association

“I knew there were steps to achieving goals but Tina Elliot showed us how to move beyond the “shoulds” (the goals we think we should accomplish) and focus on the goals that matter most. Her exercises allowed us to uncover our personal values, identify the goals that support our values, and create a step by step plan. I felt energized, motivated and ready to get started on achieving my value-based goals. ”

Corinne H.
Fountain Valley Police Wives Assoc., CA

How the Wellness Inventory Works

Synergy Coaching Speaking, Seminar
and Workshop Services

If you are looking for a presenter who can quickly move your audience into personal action with fun and humor, you have found your speaker.

As the founder of Synergy Coaching Services, a successful life, career, and business coaching company. Tina Elliot’s speaking experience covers a variety of venues. She delivers keynotes, workshops and seminars to business and professional organizations, corporations, local civic and non-profit organizations. She presents to her own professional organization helping coaches improve their knowledge and understanding of ethics and standards in the coaching profession.

Tina Elliot has presented on various topics from personal and professional development, work life balance, health and wellness, interpersonal and business communications to small business profitability. In corporate settings, Tina Elliot often speaks to leadership, performance, wellness and life management themes. Her vast experience working with employees, managers and executives allows her to speak on all levels and easily capture the audience attention. Using her coach approach, she shares powerful insights and techniques to deal with the most pressing issues of companies and organizations.

To inquire about having Tina Elliot speak at your event, or organization, or to request coaching, consulting or training, contact me for more information.

Choose a coaching service that suits your needs. Or, visit the About Page to find out more about Synergy Coaching.



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