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Mentor Coaching for
Professional Women Coaches

How much of your coaching career is spent on business? You already know there’s much more to coaching than helping others create fulfilling lives.

Here’s a partial list of what coaches face:

  • Preparing for the ICF Credentialing Exam
  • Learning successful business strategies
  • Seeking new client relationships
  • Mastering coaching principles in your own life

Why the right mentor coach saves you time and money. What if you could coach more and struggle less with your business?

Imagine if right now you were:

  • Fluent in ICF competencies, ethical guidelines and credentialed
  • Attracting clients with your own clear, authentic, brand message
  • Thriving in your successful coaching business
  • Living fully aligned with your personal values

What My Clients Are Saying


“Thank you, Tina. You’re a terrific coach. I am learning more about boundaries, too, and this should help relieve some stress. It seems to me that stress hinders authenticity. As I get more wound up and frustrated, I CANNOT be authentic because I’m too guarded. My body manifests the thought ‘Oh boy, what’s coming next?’ Have to share with you my excitement with our meetings and coach training. It’s odd to be the coachee dealing with issues, and at the same time, being a coach-in-training who can see some facets of the coaching process transparently. (And I see that you’re darn good at coaching, Tina!)”

Dean Whitehead
Professional Performance Coach

With the right expertise, this is all possible. Here’s how you can turn imagination into reality:

Essential training for a successful coaching business includes:

Business and marketing proficiency

Coaching excellence

Ongoing personal development

You could spend years and thousands of dollars mastering these core skills… Or you could get the help you need today with the right mentor coach.

How Synergy Mentor Coaching for Professional Women works.
Synergy Mentor Coaching for Professional Women Coaches is similar to other coaching process. We begin with an initial interview to determine your needs. Next, we’ll design a specific plan to fulfill your goals. Then we’ll get into action.

What My Clients Are Saying


“I hired Tina as my mentor coach to help me improve my coaching skills, meet the ICF mentor coach credentialing requirements and create a successful coaching practice.

“I received more than I thought possible hiring Tina Elliot as my mentor coach. She not only helped me hone my coaching skills and take them to the next level but she provide the support, accountability and the positive reinforcement I needed to believe in myself and my own coaching skills. She helped me design a coaching practice that is a reflection of who I am. For the first time in my life I feel completely authentic in my work.

“Tina’s experience with ICF Credentialing and the Ethics and Standards Committee makes her the perfect mentor to help any coach intimately understand the ICF credentialing process and the Ethics and Standards Code.

“An added bonus was her vast business experience and financial background. She shares all of her knowledge in the business world with you. It is this kind of understanding about what it takes to create a successful business that has helped me to create a thriving coaching practice.”

RS, Personal Coach
Vancouver, BC Canada

Here’s some of what you can expect from Synergy Mentor Coaching for Professional Women Coaches:

ICF credentialing exam preparation and coaching excellence
I’ll observe and give immediate feedback on coaching skills and areas that need improvement to pass the ICF credentialing exam.

Business and marketing proficiency and personal development
Sharing my “lessons learned,” materials, shortcuts, and "insider" tips you’ll discover the secret to a fulfilling, efficient and effective coaching business.

“What’s clear from ICF assessors is that coaches who come forward for credentialing who have had ‘mentor coaching’ are much more likely to be successful within the credentialing process.”

Claire Palmer, ACC,
former President of UK ICF Chapter


The Process

We will typically meet over the phone for approximately 40 minutes per week and have ongoing contact via e-mail and additional telephone support as needed.

During the call I’ll use powerful questions to create new awareness, support, empathize and make direct requests. I will challenge you to new heights, develop and strategize with your personal interests in mind. I am an ally in your success and will work with you to find your truth.

Consider group mentor coaching for professional women coaches and save up to 70%
Mentor coaching is the right choice if you are ready to save time and money developing a successful coaching business.

Now you can save even more money on mentor coaching. Grab a few colleagues and I’ll create an exclusive group-coaching program just for you. If you gather enough people you could save up to 70%! Contact me now for details.

The Synergy Group Mentor Coaching for Professional Women Coaches program includes:

Seven hours of mentor coaching to fully prepare for ACC or PCC designated ICF credentialing

Thorough review of ICF requirements and accountability for required training, coaching hours and documentation

Mentor coaching for proficiency in all eleven ICF coaching competences

Complete training in the ICF Ethics and Standards Code

Review of ICF test procedures and processes

Prepare for written and live coaching exam

Group feedback on your coaching aptitude

In addition to your group coaching, Synergy Mentor Coaching for Groups includes one-on-one coaching:

    • Three hours of personal coaching for each group member will include: personal development, coaching skills, coaching practice design and planning as needed.
    • Support in defining your niche and implementing your business plan to create a successful coaching practice or an internal coaching career


Qualifications: Mentor Coaching for
Professional Women Coaches

Tina Elliot, MBA, PCC, has coached and mentored in her own business, Synergy Coaching Services, for over 9 years. An ICF member since 2001 and a member of the ICF International Ethics and Standards Committee since 2004, she has also served on her local ICF Orange County, California Board.

Tina is passionate about supporting the ongoing professionalism of the coaching profession. She believes in the power of mentoring and has her own coach to support her personal and business evolvement. Learn more about Tina Elliot on the About Page.

If Synergy Mentor Coaching for Professional Women Coaches is right for you, contact me to schedule your complimentary coaching appointment. Or, return to the Services Page to discover the right Synergy Coaching program for you.



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