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Tina Elliot, has coached and mentored in her own business, Synergy Coaching Services, for over a decade. An ICF member since 2001 a Coaching Ethics Expert and member of the ICF International Ethics and Standards Committee and ICF Independent (Ethics Complaint) Review Board since 2004, she has also served on her local ICF Orange County, California Board. More...

Tina Elliot, MBA, PCC, BCC


Professional Women:
Unlock Your Potential For Growth and Success
Take Charge of Your Life and Career and Start Living on Purpose

Why Do Professional Women Put Others First?

My clients are busy, successful professional women making a vital difference in the world. Yet they still struggle to live aligned with their values. Why?

They’ve put everyone else first and made trade-offs between work and home life. Now they’re dealing with overwhelm, exhausted, feeling stuck and struggling to move forward in their lives and careers.

As a result they lack:



Work and Life Balance

Strategies for positive change

Relaxation and peace of mind

Health and wellness

Fulfilling work and personal relationships

If any of this describes you, read on. This website will show you how to stop wasting your life and start living on purpose.

Start Living on Purpose

The solution to being stuck is to reclaim your personal power. When you live on purpose you connect to your values. Everything you do takes on the shape and meaning of what matters to you most.

Living on purpose means:


Boosting energy

Dealing with overwhelm

Enjoying work life balance

Having time for what matters most

Finding peace of mind

Garnering appreciation and respect

With the right guidance, you can bring joy, fun, and excitement back to life. Starting now, you can develop new hope for your future.

Personal Coaching for Professional Women

Hello, I’m Tina Elliot. I help professional women find personal solutions to their specific challenges.

As a coach for professional women,
I specialize in these areas:





Small Business

Wellness and Weight Loss

Mentor Coaching for Coaches


Are you on this list? My clients are varied. They may be corporate executives, managers, teachers, small business owners or corporate and government employees.

What My Clients Are Saying


“I met Tina through a coaching association as I am also a coach and we coaches are pretty particular about who we want to coach us! Tina and I clicked immediately and it was clear that as professional women, we had much in common. I was also attracted by Tina’s personality and style: warm, curious, unassuming, whip-smart, direct, firm (holds me accountable!) and she always keeps my agenda and best interests top-of-mind. I was seeking a coach to help me gain control of my professional life as I tend to let work take priority, and also to help guide me to make better professional and personal choices. Tina has helped me recognize and navigate through the many opportunities I have encountered and I am well on my way to achieving my desired work/life balance and realizing the life I am destined to lead. I carry her voice and wisdom with me wherever I go!”

Carol Reynes
Sales Consultant and Coach
Miller Heiman
Venice, CA

Personal Coaching for Professional Women

If the following services suit your needs we may be a perfect fit:

Professional women seeking work and life balance, renewed energy, peace of mind, improved health and wellness

Professional women seeking career or small business success

Professional women ready to transition to a career that is more in sync with who they are and their personal values

Corporations seeking to accelerate leadership development and create high impact teams

Companies seeking improved employee health, wellness, productivity and reduced insurance costs

Coaches pursuing ICF Credentialing and wanting to create a successful coaching business

The Top Seven Challenges
of Professional Women

Professional women are unique. Let’s take a closer look at the specific concerns this powerful group encounters daily.

The main challenges professional women face:

Exhaustion and overwhelm

Work and life balance

Personal and professional communications

Relationship concerns

Low self-esteem and lack of confidence

Health and wellness issues

Lack of appreciation and respect

Some or all of these issues may lead you away from your ideal life. To live on purpose, it’s vital that you eliminate these problems.

Here’s how I help solve these concerns:

Exhaustion And Overwhelm

  • Help gain clarity on the real cause
  • Offer fresh perspectives on these issues
  • Discuss various strategies to eliminate these concerns
  • Encourage life changes that allow for needed rest
  • Create time and peace of mind for dealing with overwhelm

Work And Life Balance, Communication And Relationship Problems

With innovative methods you can dramatically change your relationships—whether they are love, family, or professional connections. You’ll boost your communication skills and together we’ll remove what blocks you from fulfilling relationships.

Low Self-Esteem Or Lack Of Confidence

You’ll experience a 10-point personal development program to dramatically improve self-esteem and confidence. Completing this program will change every aspect of your life and, most importantly, how you treat yourself.

Lack Of Appreciation and Respect

With improved self-confidence and new communication skills, you’ll learn new ways to interact with others to once and for all, get the appreciation and respect you deserve.

Health And Wellness Issues

As a Certified Wellness Inventory Coach, I use the 12 Dimensions of Wellness process designed by John Travis, MD—a pioneer in the Wellness Industry.

Together, we’ll create a new awareness about your wellness and wellbeing. We’ll also address the symptoms that lead to poor health such as: weight loss, diabetes, hypertension, chronic illness, and metabolic problems.

What My Clients Are Saying


“As a Vice President of a fast growing, newly acquired company, I needed a trusted confidant to help me sort through some sensitive and difficult challenges ahead. I was completely overwhelmed, working in a chaotic environment. Tina created a safe space that allowed me to gain new insights, and see options that I didn’t realize existed. She helped me tackle challenges that at one point I thought were insurmountable. As each obstacle was removed, I could feel a new sense of accomplishment, improved self-confidence and unbound energy.

“Tina not only supported me, but assisted our management team to operate more cohesively and inevitably helped our company through a very difficult transition.

“Tina is my secret weapon! She is a wealth of information, resources and effective communication skills. I feel more confident in my work and personal decisions after working with Tina. Thank-you for all you have given to me personally and professionally.”

Sara B
Vice President of Operations
Los Angeles, CA


What You’ll Gain From Synergy
Life Coaching for Professional Women
Here are some of the results my clients report:
• Improved work and life balance
• More family and personal time
• Peace of mind
• More energy
• Improved health
• Weight Loss
• Fun and happiness
• Improved relationships
• Career success and fulfillment
• Increased confidence
  • Improved communication skills
• More respect
• Organized and effective
• Dealing with Overwhelm
• Clarity and empowerment
• Priorities managed
• Goals achieved
• Honed Leadership Skills
• Productive Work Teams
• Living a self-actualized life

Visit the FAQ page for more details about Synergy Personal Coaching for Professional Women, or, if you’re ready to take charge of your life and live on purpose, contact me now to schedule your complimentary meeting.




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