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Clean Sweep Program™

This sampling of the Clean Sweep Program™ Assessment is used to uncover areas of your life that need attention. The program helps create a strong, healthy lifestyle by cleaning up some of the unfinished business that drains your energy. It helps you to create the time, energy and space to reach your most important goals. You have to clean up what's inside before you can clean up what's around you.

It’s Easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Check each statement that is 100% true for you. If it’s not 100% true for you, leave it unchecked.
  2. When you are done, review the unchecked areas you need to place focus on to begin energizing your life.
  3. Ready for the next step? Fill in your contact information below for a FREE 40-minute coaching consultation and take action on your new insights.


My personal files, papers and receipts are neatly filed away.

My home is neat and clean. (Vacuumed, closets clean, desks and tables clear, furniture in good repair; windows clean)

I live in a home/apartment that I love. I surround myself with beautiful things.

I consistently have adequate time, space and freedom in my life.

My work environment is productive and inspiring. (Synergistic, ample tools and resources; no undue pressure)

I have nothing around the house or in storage that I do not need.

Do you feel you do not have the time to sit down, relax and eat healthy meals everyday?


I currently save at least 10% of my income.

I always pay my bills on time.

I have 6 months' living expenses in a money market-type account.

I live on a weekly budget that allows me to save and not suffer.

My assets (car, home, possessions and treasures) are well insured.

My will is up-to-date and accurate.

I am on a career/professional/business track that is or soon will be financially and personally rewarding.

I am in relationships with people who can assist in my career/professional goals.


I rarely use caffeine - including coffee, tea, cola and chocolate.

My cholesterol count is healthful.

I do not smoke tobacco or other substances.

My weight is within my ideal range.

I have a rewarding life beyond my work or profession.

I don't rush or use adrenaline to get the job done.

I consistently take evenings, weekends and holidays off and take at least two weeks of vacation each year.

I walk or exercise at least three times per week.


I have ended relationships that damage me in any way.

I have a circle of friends/family who love and appreciate me for who I am, rather than what I can do for them.

I have fully forgiven those people who have hurt/damaged me, deliberate or not.

I quickly clear miscommunications and misunderstandings when they do occur.

I live life on my terms, not by the rules or preferences of others.

I am in tune with my wants and needs and get them taken care of.

I state requirements rather than complain.

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You now have a clearer view of where you spend your energy. Review your responses to discover where you can clean up some of the unfinished business and create a stronger, healthier lifestyle. Then, fill out the form below for a complimentary coaching call to start taking action today.

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