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Biz Whiz Success Program™

This sampling of the Biz Whiz Success Program™ Assessment is used to uncover areas of your business that need attention. This program covers 10 key areas of your business that are directly related to profitability. The program helps create a strong, successful and problem-free business.

What My Clients Are Saying

Professional Woman – Small Business Owner

“I have been running a small business for 29 years and about a year ago thought that perhaps I should do something different. I had no real reason for this change of heart other than I was feeling "left behind" and imagining that there was a "dream" job waiting for me. With Tina's help, I really examined my true feelings and realized that I did want to make some changes, but I didn't want to change my field of business. As a result, I feel much better about my job as well as myself. I also increased my income by 30% and the number of clients I service.

“On a personal level, Tina is such a great listener that she drew all sorts of information out of me & helped me to realize how much I needed to get going and even more importantly, that I wanted to make some changes & try new things. I used to be a champion at finding a reason not to refuse anyone as well as never allowing myself to do anything. Now I have learned to balance my life and to enjoy every little bit of joy that happens my way!

“I would highly recommend Tina to not only business owners, but anyone else who needs to get going in life. Tina is truly someone who will do everything she can to help you find "you" and all that you have to offer the world.”

DY, Small Business Owner
Diamond Bar, CA

It’s Easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Check each statement that is 100% true for you. If it’s not 100% true for you, leave it unchecked.
  2. When you are done, review the unchecked areas you need to place focus on to begin energizing your business.
  3. Ready for the next step? Fill in your contact information below for a FREE 40-minute coaching consultation and take action on your new insights.


Quarterly meetings with key clients are conducted and changes are made to improve service.

Standards and philosophies of your organization are known and enhanced.

Value is continuously being added to products and services, whether the customer asks for it or not.


Staff accountabilities are written and clear.

Each employee is in the job that uses his/her strengths; there is no suffering or mismatches.

Everything has a promised completion date and the employee and manager accomplish this.


The firm has a business plan that sets forth the strategic and operational objectives and programs for the year.

Well-sourced sales projections are used to establish inventory, personnel and cash requirements.

The firm has the right consultant, coach, banker, accountant, attorney and other advisors to guide it properly.


Sales staff is a team working on a daily goal together. Awards are given.

Sales staff prepares sales projections and its performance against the forecast is monitored frequently.

Sales department staff is supported well by every other department.


Operations are fully computerized.

Staff does accurate work, nothing thrown together or substandard.

Staff works hard and smart; no duplication.


The company is profit-driven vs. merely revenue driven.

Budget variances are recorded, analyzed and managed.

Individual responsibilities for achieving financial goals are clearly defined.


The CEO has a strong vision and a team that supports this vision.

The firm has very high goals and everyone is excited about reaching these goals.

The firm is customer-sensitive and customer-driven.


All accounts receivable are being collected per standards (average collection period is less than 150% of customer payment policy).

Profit margins have increased for core products or services over the last 3 years.

Customer satisfaction and repeat buying is increasing.


CEO has more time than he/she needs because everything is well managed.

CEO has a strong, happy and healthy personal life with lots of physical activity and pleasure so work is not his/her life.

CEO is putting aside sufficient funds with which to become financially independent.


All income, sales and property taxes are filed, paid and current.

Accounts payable ledger is current and includes all bills and purchase orders.

Financial statements are done by the 5-15th of month.

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Ready for Action?

You now have a clearer view of your business. Review your responses to determine your areas strength and where you need to take action to take your business to the next level. If you want to build a more efficient and effective business, fill out the form below for a complimentary coaching call today.

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