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About Your Coach Tina Elliot

Tina Elliot

What interests or fascinates you about coaching?

I love helping people discover who they really are and then coach them to pursue a fulfilling life. I support my clients to design lives that are true expressions of who they are.

What's your approach to coaching for professional women?

Many of my clients feel they have lost touch with who they really are and want to make changes that allow them to live a more authentic life—to bring joy, fun and renewed energy to their lives.

Deep down, my clients all have their own answers. It’s my job to entice those answers to the top. I listen deeply and ask powerful questions to reveal who my clients really are. Then I help them live in sync with their values.

Personal histories guide our behavior: We repeat what we know how to do. The truth is you have options in your life, career and relationships. As a coach, I present new perspectives and ideas for my clients to consider. Depending on their needs, I may teach leadership, relationship, or communication skills, or I might coach them to stand-up for their beliefs.

What My Clients Are Saying

Professional Woman – Career Transition to Small Business

"Recently I decided to make the move from the corporate world to following my heart and start my own Personal Chef business. Tina was thrilled when I told her my decision. Now I am utilizing her knowledge and vast array of tools to help me stay grounded and guide me on the path to my dream. Without her enthusiasm and direction, I'm not sure I would have the strength to follow my dream through. Thanks Tina, you are a great coach!"

BK, Personal Chef,
San Dimas, California


What are some contributions you’ve made to the field of coaching?

When I started my coaching practice, the field was new and I wanted to help develop personal coaching into a world recognized profession. I immediately joined the International Coach Federation (ICF).

For many years, I served the ICF on a chapter-level board. I have served numerous terms on the global ICF organization as a member of the Ethics and Standards Committee. In this role, I develop ethics training and education for our members, investigate complaints, update our code of ethics and serve on the Independent (Complaint) Review Board. I also serve on the ICF Credentialing and Accreditation Committee. In this role, I develop improvements in the coach credentialing process and coach training program accreditation processes insuring the highest professional standards for ICF credentialed coaches and ICF accredited training institutions.

These responsibilities are vital in our self-regulated field. I work diligently to insure the utmost in professionalism in this field I love so much.

I also mentor newer coaches to hone their coaching skills, build their coaching businesses, and train them to become credentialed through the ICF.

How did you decide to focus on coaching for professional women?

From the start, my coaching business has always attracted professional women from all industries.

This comes from my many years of experience as a professional in corporate America and as a small business owner. I intimately understand the daily challenges professional women face: attempting to work, have families, relationships and carve out personal time.

How did you become involved in wellness coaching?

In my early twenties, I became ill and feared I would have to quit work. I was diagnosed (actually misdiagnosed) with rheumatoid arthritis. I continued to get worse on a daily basis. Anti-inflammatory medications were not controlling the pain. And the side effects were terrible.

I researched alternate treatments and my Chiropractor suggested I see an alternative medicine physician who dealt specifically with allergies. I agreed.

Thorough testing revealed that I was sensitive to everything I was eating and many environmental factors. Two days later—after drastic changes to my diet and environment—I was pain free with renewed energy.

I believe that your body can heal if you make health a priority and never give up. Creating personal health and wellness has been my passion for over 20 years.

I wholly support integrative medicine and alternate approaches to health and wellness. Wellness Coaching is a natural fit with my personal values. I love the idea of bringing optimal wellness to clients interested in a healthy, energized life.

What My Clients Are Saying

Professional Woman

“Through Tina’s self-evaluation and goal setting processes I learned to eliminate negativity in my life, to make positive, powerful choices, and to pin-point my needs so that for the first time ever, I could prioritize getting them met.

“Tina doesn’t do the work for you - she illuminates the paths that are available, allowing you to see options that maybe were always there, but that you never recognized. She helped me to creative massive positive energy in my life, which has brought the physical/health, financial, emotional and relationship aspects of my life into balance.

“I have made amazing changes in my job and my personal relationships. My work with Tina will impact the rest of my life! I am grateful!”

Denise W.
Las Vegas, NV


How did you prepare for coaching and how do you stay current?

COACHING CREDENTIALS AND ONGOING TRAINING: I hold a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential through the International Coach Federation (ICF). That means I have many years of training and coaching experience. It also means I meet the ICF’s strict, professional-level credentialing requirements.

In addition, I spend a minimum of 10 hours a month in coach training to stay current on the latest coaching techniques and continually enhance my coaching skills.

GENERAL COACHING: I am a member of CoachVille and the International Coach Federation (ICF), and a certified graduate (CUCG) of CoachU, the leading global provider of coach training programs accredited by the ICF.

I support the ICF in a number of ways:

  • Global ICF Ethics and Standards Committee Member
  • Global ICF Ethics and Standards Independent (complaint) Review Board (IRB)
  • Global ICF Credentialing and Accreditation Committee Member
  • Local ICF Orange County Chapter serving on the Executive Board and various Committees

I am a certified Wellness Inventory Coach through the Wellness Inventory Program, and a Senior Life Strategist through Frank Lawlis, PhD and Phil McGraw’s, PhD (Dr. Phil) programs for Self Matters, Ultimate Weight Solutions and Relationship Rescue.

EDUCATION: I hold a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Management and a Masters degree in Business Administration.

EXPERIENCE: My career experience qualifies me to coach in numerous industries. My corporate background includes work with Fortune 500 companies as a consultant and project manager in the high tech, distribution and manufacturing industries. I have many years of experience in accounting and finance as well as small business ownership. Additionally, I have a background in psychology and the medical industry.

RELATED ACTIVITIES: I donate my coaching services to various women’s non-profit organizations including WomanSage, A Hand Up Coaching, and Dress for Success. These organizations empower women to re-enter the work force and create self-sustaining and fulfilling lives.

Take a look at the Resources page for meaningful and effective tools to take charge of your life. Or, if you’re interested in coaching for professional women, contact me to schedule your complimentary meeting.



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